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Wait… there is how many clubs in Prague?

The answer is way too many. It seems there is a club on every corner. Prague even has its own party street called Dlouha, yet most of the better clubs are not on this street. It is difficult which clubs to pick to visit when you are here. We have made a list of some of the clubs in Prague that we feel like you should visit. We believe that you will have a lot of fun in these clubs as they have very enjoyable parties.

Check the list, read more about them, and check their websites to make sure the clubs are for you. If you do not live here, then do not waste your time at tourist traps or plainly bad clubs. Our clubsinprague list gives you straight forward information about our top picks of clubs.
Find the best clubs in the city of Prague. Prague is full of exciting nightlife and with our list, you will always find a good bar and club to enjoy your night. Bestclubsprague is here for you!
A complete guide to Prague’s nightlife. Best bars, clubs, parties, strip clubs, and more. Where to party and what to do in Prague? Nightlifeprague is here for you.

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