Here is a list of our top clubs in Prague

After partying in Prague for over 10 years, we have made a list for you of clubs in Prague that we feel like you should visit.

Clubs in Prague 2018

one club
One of the bigger clubs located right in the Center of Prague with exciting thematic parties a good mix of House music
One Club Prague is rated as one of the best clubs in Prague for many reasons. Their bottle service is top knotch with comfortable seating and friendly staff. Some of the best house music in Prague, and top thematic parties.
m1 lounge
M1 Lounge
The best RnB club in Prague located next to the popular Dlouha Street best dance music in Prague
M1 Lounge has been around for many years. Regardless of the night, you will find a great party with a DJ spinning all night long. It is located right in the center, and it is the top RnB club for Prague’s nightlife.
Prah club
Prah Club
The most well known afterparty club in Prague, party till late morning hours. Prague’s nightlife never sleeps
Where to go around 5 am? Atelier Club is the spot for you. The music and the party goes till very late morning and you will find people there partying late every single day. It is the after party spot in Prague.
chapeau rouge
Chapeau Rouge
Strange, Multiple Floors, Underground style all mixes into perfection you are in for a lot of fun
Chapeau Rouge has been around for a long time. It has 3 floors with different bars, different music, and live performances. You will find all kinds of people in this underground scene. One thing is for sure, you are in for one hell of a party!
The answer is way too many. It seems there is a club on every corner.

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ku bar
KU Bar & Restaurant
Well known for its Mad Mad Monday party! commercial music
A club with one of the longest histories, it has been around for over 16 years in the center of Prague. On Mondays, Prague’s nightlife knows that there is one place to be and that is KU Bar. Their Mad Mad Monday’s have given them a wild party reputation for many years as the club to visit in Prague.
Nemas Zac
A club dedicated for the Ladies with men not being allowed...except for the dancers of course. dance shows
One of the coolest ideas in all of Prague... maybe in the entire world. This is a Ladies only club, yes... only ladies may enter or men will pay a very high entrance fee. Enjoy dance shows by the best male dance groups, karaoke and more. A very interesting concept and that is why it makes the top clubs of prague list.
loca bar
Loca Bar
Enjoy a delicious cocktail or a never-ending Shisha. near Charles Bridge
Located right smack in the center of Prague, right next to the “tourist trap” Karlovy Lazne, it is a great place for parties or just a relaxed cocktail with a Shisha. Not the biggest dance floor, but it is just right for people looking to dance.
epic prague
EPIC Prague
Top local and world renowned DJs take the stage Looking for an EPIC night out?
Monday is actually a party night in Prague, no joke.

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valmont lounge
Winner of “best new venue” and “best club” categories in Czech Bar Awards 2016 the little Paris in Prague
Named by many as the little Paris in Prague, Valmont provides a very stylish atmosphere to Prague’s nightlife scene. It is small yes, but the cocktails are delicious and the interior very eye catching. It was awarded the “best new venue” and “best club” in the 2016 Czech Bar Awards.
fancy lounge
A smaller club with RnB music with a party 7 days a week RnB music
Another great RnB club that provides you with a perfect sound for your ears. Table service with Shisha, you are guaranteed that every day you will find a party at Fancy Lounge. It is also located right in the center of Prague.
fashion club
Fashion Club
One of the luxury clubs in Prague with its own Terrace and Restaurant. great mix of DJs
Fashion Club & Restaurant is worldwide known with its cooperation of Fashion TV. One of the only clubs in Prague to have a terrace, it provides an amazing view and atmosphere. Every Weekend, you will find a great mix of DJs that provide you with dance music all night long.
misch masch
Misch Masch
Now called the New Misch Masch for a reason. multiple dance floors, multiple bar areas
Misch Masch was closed for a while till it was bought by a new team who decided the only things they will keep the same is the name and address. It has been completely reconstructed. Multiple stages, multiple dance floors, multiple bar areas. Don’t forget to also check out the sky box!
In Prague, you will find cheap beer (in some places), amazing people (girls and guys :-) ) , and just a wild atmosphere

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